Tony Gambirazio

Director of Creative Services

“Don’t believe for a minute that you can’t” – Me, every day.

I wish I could tell you I completed my bachelor’s degree or MBA after graduating high school. Actually, I wish I could tell you that I graduated high school.

Truth is:

In 1990, I dropped out of high school.

In 1995, I began my first “real” job at Kukic Advertising – base pay $0 per week (I may have been slightly under paid).

Three months later I earned the right to be paid $200 per week (thank goodness because I was running out of couches to crash on).

In 1999, I became Vice President of Kukic Advertising – a boutique automotive agency (wow).

Since then: 136 satisfied clients (Including CBS4), the brightest and hardest working team and a super cool office we call home.

I’ve worn many hats throughout this awesome journey and my experiences have taught me that my professional value comes down to this:

– I problem solve like it’s nobody’s business.
– I practice the lost art of listening.
– I K.I.S.S.
– I surround myself with people better than me.
– I think BIG.
– I don’t get startled.
– I water my own lawn.
– I have a ton of passion.
– I have even more commitment.

Valued relationships come from a connection. If you would like to get to know more about our group shoot me an email:

Specialties: Finding solutions, developing teams, optimizing processes, goal orientation, leadership, creative thinking.

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