Cesar Rodriguez

Director of Digital Services

Having graduated with a Business degree from FIU in 2008, Cesar then spent 4 years out in the field as an Advertising Consultant. After meeting with over 1,000 business owners, Cesar developed a keen eye for what makes for an effective well-balanced marketing campaign that takes into consideration the unique virtues and characteristics of an individual business. Cesar couldn’t help but notice that when it came to the online portion of a marketing campaign, most businesses lacked a proper web-presence with a strategy that generates consistent results.

In 2012, Cesar sought out the mentorship, courses, and conferences that would enable him to provide businesses with a turn-key system that taps into the abundant sea of leads that the internet has become. As the Director of Digital Marketing here at Kukic Advertising, through in-depth consultations and thorough market research, Cesar designs and oversees the execution of custom ROI-driven digital marketing campaigns. He loves making a difference for local businesses, and can’t wait to contribute to your company!

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