Miami Advertising Agency Gives You Three Strategies to Make Mobile Marketing Effective

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Advertising Agency Creates Mobile-Friendly Digital Campaigns Which Produce Results


You can’t watch television or read an article without someone mentioning the term “mobile marketing.”  What’s mobile marketing?  Mobile marketing is promotional activity designed for delivery on tablets, cell phones, smart phones, and laptops.  As a Miami advertising agency, we don’t subscribe to the notion that mobile marketing is the future of advertising.  We believe that mobile marketing is the advertising vehicle of the moment.  Statistics show how users are interacting on mobile devices:

If your business doesn’t include mobile marketing in its marketing strategy, then you’re not going to reach your target customers.  How do you make mobile marketing effective for your business?  We give you three strategies to make mobile marketing effective to produce results.


Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website

In order to have an effective mobile-marketing campaign, you must develop a mobile-friendly website.  A mobile-friendly website is different from a desktop website.  Websites viewed on a mobile device are on a smaller screen than a desktop.  Users are often “on the go” and want the contact information accessible with the click of a button.  You shouldn’t have pictures, which need a large file size because this slows your mobile website’s speed.  In addition, don’t try to cram a lot of information into your mobile website.  Keep the design simple and make it easy to navigate with clear calls-to-action.  With a mobile-friendly website, you’ll take the first step in making your mobile marketing campaign effective.


Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

As we mentioned earlier, 80% of email users will exclusively access email via their mobile device in 2018.  How do you make sure your users open your emails?  A Miami advertising agency has three ways to make your emails mobile-friendly so that they’ll be read:

  • Write concise subject lines:  Emphasize the important part of the subject line with capital letters, bold, or italics.  Eliminate passive voice and take out unnecessary words.  You should write the subject line in 40 characters or less.
  • Display small images and use larger font:  Write in a larger font so that readers won’t squint and delete your emails.  Small images won’t reduce your website’s speed.  
  • Provide a clear call-to-action:  Create one call-to-action for the reader to see.  Emails aren’t effective without a call-to-action.

Use your own experience when you receive an email on a mobile device.  What happens when you can’t read it?  You delete them.  By using these tips, you’ll increase your click-through and open rates for email.  


Sign Up on Mobile Online Directories

The days of people looking for your business on The Yellow Pages are over.  It’s important to  register your company’s contact information on mobile search directories.  Google, Bing, and Yelp are three of the four biggest online business directories.  If you move or change your website’s address, then update your contact information.  Online directories allow customers to review your business, which increases customer engagement.  


As a Miami advertising agency, small businesses must be able to carry out mobile marketing strategies to reach customers now.  Don’t wait for the perfect time or when you’re ready to redesign your website to reach mobile device users!  With these strategies, you can take advantage of mobile marketing’s reach.  


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