Top Miami Advertising Agency Offers Four Ways to Make Direct Mail Effective for Small Businesses

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Miami Advertising Agency in Miami Gives Businesses Tips to Help Make Their Direct Mail Campaigns Effective.


The perception in advertising is that offline marketing is losing ground as the means of reaching a small business’s audience, compared to online marketing.  As the top Miami advertising agency, we are here to let you know that offline marketing needs to be part of any marketing campaign.  You ask:  “Do you really believe direct mail is relevant today?”  The answer is a resounding “Yes!”  These are a few direct mail statistics:  


  • U.S. advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold; a 1,300 percent return.


  • 80-90 percent of direct mail gets opened, only 20-30 percent of email gets opened, on a good day.


  • 62 percent of consumers who responded to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase.


The statistics bear out that direct mail is still effective in the digital age of marketing.  We have four ways to make direct mail effective for small businesses.


Pinpoint Your Market

Where will you send your pieces?  Why are you sending these pieces?  It’s important to pinpoint your market.  When you pinpoint your target market, then your message connects with your audience.  


Focus on Quality Design

Your piece should avoid stock images.  Take great pictures which highlight your business. If you’re a roofing company, you can take a picture of a completed roof repair.   In addition, make your font large for readers.  Put your calls-to-action and offers in a font which catches the reader’s attention.  Quality pictures with visible text enhance your design.


Create a Call-to-Action

Advertising doesn’t move people without a call-to-action.  Your direct mail piece must have an offer for people to take action.  What do you want the receiver of your direct mail piece to do?  Do you want them to visit your website?  Call for a consultation?  You can create urgency via a limited time offer.   Create a call-to-action which converts the recipient of your direct mail piece into a customer or client.  


Personalize Your Campaign

Personalize your message to each customer and prospect.  Insert their name in the direct mail piece instead of just saying, “Dear Homeowner.”  If you’re a cosmetic dentist, put pictures of your staff.  A plumbing company can put a picture of their fleet.  By personalizing your pieces, you make it easier to engage your customer to view your piece instead of dismissing your message.


The top Miami advertising agency creates effective direct mail campaigns which reach your target audience.  Direct mail can be the solution you need to make your integrated marketing campaign take off.  


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