What Is Bounce Rate?:  An Advertising Agency in Miami Defines the Term and Gives You Three Ways to Decrease It

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Advertising Agency Defines Bounce Rate While Decreasing It for Businesses.



As an advertising agency in Miami, we clarify confusing terms to increase your understanding of digital advertising terminology.  One term that causes confusion is bounce rate.  What is a bounce rate?  A bounce rate is the percentage of single interaction visits to a website.  Now, that we explained the bounce rate, where do I find my bounce rate?  The bounce rate will be a part of your Google Analytics.  For example, my report highlights that I have an average bounce rate of 65%.  What does it mean for my digital campaign?  It means that 65% of the website’s visitors leave after only viewing the page they entered, and usually leave rather quickly.  It could be a contact us page, homepage, or another page.  We give you three ways to decrease your bounce rate.


Focus on Keywords

Keywords are a critical part in affecting your bounce rate.  You have to make sure you receive the right visitors.  If you’re a plastic surgeon, optimize for plastic surgery related terms.  As an example, if “rhinoplasty” isn’t a popular keyword, then don’t connect your content to this keyword.  It impedes your SEO and visitors will leave.  Start looking at your keywords to improve your bounce rate.


Make Content Easier to Read

Another reason website visitors leave your site is that your content is hard to read.  When visitors struggle to read your content, they bounce from your website.  According to Neil Patel, the visitor’s experience starts when the content is clear and can be read.  An advertising agency in Miami offers formatting tips to make your content easier to read:


  • Write in a conversational way.  Avoid scientific, long, or jargon specific words.


  • Use photos and videos.


  • Create subheadings and bold keywords to direct your readers.


  • Write questions as this creates customer engagement.


Now that the format is in place to make your content clear, you need a call-to-action.


Create a Standout Call-To-Action

Another way to decrease the bounce rate is through a standout call-to-action.  Three ways to create a standout call-to-action:


  • Use bright colors like red or orange, as they create attention.


  • Give directions such as “Add to Cart” or “Click Here for More Information!”


  • Make sure the text can be read.


When visitors do not have a call-to-action, it is harder to convert the visitor.  In addition, the visitor will bounce and go to a website that they can gain more information on the services and products they are searching for.  


As an advertising agency in Miami, we have a myriad of ways to combat a high bounce.  With getting the right keywords, legible content, and a standout call-to-action, visitors will stay and convert into revenue.




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