Advertising Agency in Miami Gives You Five Tips to Improve the Readability of Your Website Content

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An Advertising Agency in Miami Creates Web Content That Keeps Web Visitors on Your Site.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we recognize that your website content should target your ideal customer, edited for spelling and grammar, and be visually appealing.  Yet, there’s one area that’s often overlooked when people write content.  It’s readability.  When your content isn’t reader-friendly, website visitors will leave your site.  How do you make your website copy easy for your readers to read?  We offer five tips to improve the readability of your website content.  


Write Short Paragraphs

When you were in school, you were taught that paragraphs had five sentences.  A paragraph consisted of:


  • A topic sentence is a sentence that expresses the essential idea of a paragraph or larger section.  Usually, it appears at the beginning of the paragraph.
  • The paragraph will have three sentences that support your main idea.
  • A concluding sentence summarizes everything you wrote.  


For web content, it’s important that you have the main idea, supporting details, and the summary of your paragraph.  However, you don’t have to stick to the format above.  When you write web content, make sure to have space between paragraphs.  You don’t want to cram your information.  Remember, you want your reader to process the text.  


Eliminate Long Words, Industry-Related Jargon, and Passive Voice

As an advertising agency in Miami, our motto when it comes to writing web content is “keep it simple and short.”  We have three tips to help you write concise web content that’s readable for your target audience:


  • Eliminate long words:  A long word makes readers search for a dictionary and makes your content not as readable for your target audience.  Instead, use short words to make your web content readable.
  • Cut Out Industry-Related Jargon:  Terms, such as “bang for your buck” and “by the way” are overused by businesses.  Cut these words out, and your web content increases its readability.
  • Use active voice:  Active voice makes you in control of your subject.  It eliminates unnecessary words.  


By using these tips, your web content is impactful and keeps readers on your website.


Increase Your Font Size for Text and Subheadings

Did you know that more than half of all people access the Internet on a mobile device?  One way to make it easier to improve readability is to increase your font size.  When writing text body for mobile device users, use a 16 point font.  Remember, mobile device users read on smaller screens than desktop users.  For subheadings, use a 24 point font for subheadings to direct your readers to specific points you want them to know.  By increasing your font size, you’re able to target mobile device users, older readers, and improve the readability of your content.  


Use Lists

One way to make readers not read your web content is to write an endless amount of text.  How do you break up your text so that it doesn’t seem endless?  You should break key points into lists.  How do lists help readers?  An advertising agency in Miami offers three benefits of a list:


  • For readers, a list summarizes the key points of what the writer wants to convey.
  • Readers process the information faster than with paragraphs.
  • It helps with the formatting of your text.


By writing lists, you’ll improve the readability of your text and convey the message of your web content.


Have Contrasting Colors for Your Text and Background

When writing web content, your text and background should contrast.  When you have a lot of contrast, your readability improves.   If you have a blue background, you should avoid using purple or red.  If you have an orange background, don’t use yellow.  When you don’t have a contrast, readers strain their eyes, and your text is hard to read.  By creating a color contrast between your text and background, readers won’t leave your site.


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