Key Elements Drive Usage in a Website Designed by Advertising Agencies

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Your business website’s design is essential in disseminating information to potential customers and spurring their interest about your services. Because internet users usually browse several websites at a time, you only have seconds to catch their attention. If your website is bland and uninformative, the user will probably leave before finding any essential information about your business.

Subsequently, it’s necessary to design your website with user behavior in mind, something a reliable advertising agency in Miami can help you do by implementing essential elements in its design.

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Visual Elements

Web design is about creating a visual that not only excites but also educates the users about what the site is all about. People don’t have time to read long texts on a homepage. They instantly want to know if the site hosts information they need. Effective visual elements instantly convey your message and brand. You can use attractive photography or bite-sized videos instead of traditional text. Such visual displays engagingly tell your story, eliminating the need to read paragraphs of content.


Colors used in the design can persuade potential customers to remain linked and explore the site further. The color combination must be pleasing to the eyes while highlighting keywords. One very basic example is dropping a contrasting background behind the color of the text to attract attention and make the keywords easy to read.

Your core message should be represented in these graphic treatments. Also, you can allocate colors in a way that reflects not only your brand and logo, but your collateral advertising pieces.


Do not assume all visitors to your site are internet savvy. Be sure your website is intuitive and easy to navigate. Human attention spans are growing incredibly short; visitors will leave the site if something takes too long to comprehend.

An example of intuitive navigation is the use of a horizontal menu bar on top of the site where the primary navigation options are located. Underneath each option, a user can find secondary options by rolling over them with the cursor. Visitors can therefore find the right page in no time.

Keeping these essential factors in mind will create a user-friendly and appealing website. If you’re still unsure how to go about it, contact one of the many Miami advertising agencies experienced in website design.


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