Miami Advertising Agency Offers You Four Tips to Create Effective Website Copy

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Advertising Agency Helps Businesses Create Effective Website Copy


When creating websites, most designers focus on web design and layout.  For users, websites offer convenience to browse information on products and services.  However, users keep coming back to your website because of great copy.  As a Miami advertising agency, we believe that great copy is the premise behind advertising that generates results.  How do you create copy that keeps readers on your website?  How can your copy engage customers effectively?   We offer you four tips to create an effective website that keeps customers engaged.


Focus on Your Ideal Readers

When writing copy for any form of advertising, you want to focus on your target audience.  In the case of a website, it’s your ideal reader.  When thinking of your ideal reader, asking questions help you create an ideal reader.  Your ideal reader focuses on what your Sample questions to ask yourself include:


  • What keeps my customer worried in the middle of the night?
  • Which content are they interested in reading?
  • What solutions can my website offer to make their life easier?


Your answers will help you craft copy which centers around your reader.  Remember, great copywriters use customer engagement to craft copy which centers around a website visitor’s problems and concerns.  By focusing on your website’s ideal reader, your copy becomes effective.


Write About Features, Advantages, and Benefits of Your Products or Services

It’s easy to write about yourself, your company, and the intricacies of your products or services.  However, your ideal website reader wants solutions to their problems.  How do you continue to keep your ideal reader in mind when it comes to writing about your products or services?  You want to write about your features, advantages, and benefits of your products or services.  As a Miami advertising agency, the terms [features, advantages, and benefits] are often confused.  We’re going to clear up the differences between them and give you sample copy:



With each term defined, we’ll show sample copy of Jack’s Roofing Company focusing on the features, advantages, and benefits of a Stone Coated Steel Roof:


  • Our new Stone Coated Steel Roof is lightweight and made from an aluminum-zinc coated steel base.  What do these specifications mean for you and your home?  The aluminum-zinc doesn’t absorb moisture which prevents leaks.  It withstands South Florida’s tropical rain.   A Stone Coated Steel Roof is lightweight.   It’s easy to install over your current roof.  You’ll save money on installation.   If you want to save money on a roof that withstands South Florida’s tropical climate, then our Stone Coated Steel Roof is for you.”


By knowing the features, advantages, and benefits of your products or services, you create effective copy which helps website readers visualize a solution to their problem.  


Use Images

As the saying goes, “a picture’s worth 60,000 words.”  Use images to reinforce your text.  By using images, you’ll offer your reader a break from processing text.  In addition, you’ll keep readers on your website page.  One statistic showed that having a photo on your website copy almost doubles your views.  By using images, your reader processes your copy faster and makes it persuasive.  


Edit Your Copy

An overlooked step when writing copy is editing.  Edit your copy for grammar and spelling.  Read your web copy out loud and think of your ideal reader.  If you can, have another person read the text as your ideal reader.  Is the text easy to understand?  Are you persuaded to take action?  


As a Miami advertising agency, your website copy determines if visitors leave or bounce.  With these tips, you’ll keep visitors on your website and increase conversions.  


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