Advertising Agency in Miami Offers You Four Copywriting Tips to Create Effective Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

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Advertising Agency in Miami Crafts Impactful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Via Powerful Copywriting.


When it comes to digital advertising, copywriting is often overlooked.  One part that makes advertising effective is great copywriting.  The prevailing notion with pay-per-click is that a business receives an instant page one ranking and people will just click on the ad.  As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that creating an effective pay-per-click campaign starts with great copywriting.   How do you create great copy that moves users to click on your ad?  We offer four copywriting tips to create effective pay-per-click campaigns.


Conduct Research on Your Competitors

An important part of writing great copy for a pay-per-click campaign is research.  Start by researching industry competitors within your local market.  For example, Melvin’s Roofing Company would conduct searches of keyword phrases used by potential customers.  In addition, they would conduct an inventory of their services.  If Melvin found that “roofing companies in Fort Lauderdale,” “roof repair in Fort Lauderdale,” “metal roof installation in Broward,” were top search terms, then he would tailor copy around those keywords.


Use Keywords in the Beginning of the Title and in the Body

Once you create your keyword phrase list, write your keywords in the title and body of your ad.   When a person searches on the Internet, they want keywords which match their search.  If a person needs their roof repaired with a roofing company which services Fort Lauderdale, then your ad appears.  When you write keywords, think of how you would search as a web visitor.  


Use Numbers and Statistics

As an advertising agency in Miami, the goal of your pay-per-click campaign is for every visitor to click on your ad.  However, we know that it’s not realistic  One way to make your ad copy effective is by presenting numbers and statistics.  For example, a roofer that specializes in metal roofs can mention statistics in their ad:


  • Metal roofs have a 50 year guarantee.
  • Reduce your home insurance rate by 35% with a metal roof installation.


Remember customers click on your ad because your solution resolves their problem.  

With numbers and statistics, customers receive information to make decisions about whether your product or service is a solution which resolves their problem.


Create a Call-to-Action

Many business owners forget to put a call-to-action in their advertising campaigns.  You want your website visitors to take your desired action on your landing page.  Do you want them to call for a free roofing inspection?  Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter?  Make sure your ad has a call-to-action.  With the creation of a call-of-action, you direct visitors to take action.  


As an advertising agency in Miami, great copywriting makes your pay-per-click campaign stand out.  By conducting research, using numbers, and creating a call-to-action, you’ll stay ahead of the competition and increase revenue.  



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