We are Now Offering Digital Marketing Services for Local Businesses

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Kukic Advertising, one of the most trusted full service ad agencies in Miami is now offering digital marketing services for local businesses. Our company’s newest services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) Management, Reputation Marketing and Web Design – all tailored to fulfill the online marketing needs of local businesses. Our professionals can also help plan, create and execute a fully customized marketing platform for each client.

With our Local SEO service, businesses can get higher rankings, and in turn, better sales. SEO is actually the foundation of a good online marketing plan as it will be the tool that will generate traffic for a website. First, we will conduct an in-depth research to determine the specific needs of a client like ideal keywords to be targeted, quality web content, and more. Then, it’s all a matter of executing the plan and continuing to grow the business with an inbound strategy.

Of course, SEO, Online Reputation Marketing and PPC go hand in hand. PPC is another tool that can complement SEO and drastically increase online visibility. This is even more important for local businesses that have to compete with big names in their respective industries. The objective here is to get online advertisements on the first page of a prospect’s web search. Generally, the more people see the ads, the more possible clients there is to sell products or services to.

Reputation Management is also now a necessity since majority of internet users tend to look up products online first before purchasing. Online reputation is determined by reviews, testimonials and comments from customers. Good or bad, these will affect the brand. Reputation Marketing aims to monitor reputation and optimize the positive reviews for the business so that they push down negative ones, if there are any. This way, a business can make a better first impression on prospective customers.

Kucik Advertising also offers Web Design services. We specialize in building customized, responsive websites for viewing on practically any platform. This way users on smartphones, desktop computers, tablets or any mobile device can view websites we design.

Kucik Advertising may be one of the many ad agencies located in Miami, but we have over 45 years of experience over our competitors. As a full service ad agency, we do everything from design and branding to advertising and custom publishing. Our company is also regarded as an industry leader in cutting edge digital marketing campaigns that yield a 50 percent increase in web traffic.