Top Advertising Trends Your Ad Agency Will Use To Help You Improve Your Business in 2017

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Every year, there are new things to look forward to when it comes to advertising trends. These trends are intended to strengthen companies and provide them with the means to gain a competitive edge.

As a business looking to peddle your wares in this ultra-competitive market, it’s crucial that you position yourself in such a way that makes the most out of new trends. Understandably, you may not be all too familiar with how things should go, but you wouldn’t have to worry if you have an experienced ad agency working with you.

These professionals are, without a doubt, some of the most important people your company will ever need to propel your business to success. It is with their expertise and experience that you can know that your goals of reaching and expanding your target market are being met.

So, if you want to make good use of the following trends for the benefit of your business in Miami, make sure to find an ad agency that knows what they’re doing, such as Kukic Advertising.

Why You Should Entrust Your 2017 Campaign to an Experienced Ad Agency

(Interactive) Content is King

For the longest time, common wisdom insisted that content is king when it comes to online efforts. It still holds true today. However, it’s taken on a more complex form now. If you were paying any attention to last year’s trends, you would have noticed how virtual reality and interactive content in general have been all the rage.

Think that Pokemon Go is just a childish form of entertainment? You’re looking at one of the possible directions the advertising market may head. You already have hologram ads in magazines, so why not push it further?

Technological breakthroughs, such as Pokemon Go, are soon going to be run of the mill, so much so to make them accessible to even casual users. The important thing to note here is that user experience is gearing up to be not just interactive, but more importantly, immersive.

Influencer Tie-Ups

Tying into an influencer doesn’t necessarily mean a celebrity. There are common people who somehow found extraordinary fame and credibility online. Whether it be Snapchatters or Instagram accounts with thousands upon thousands of followers, you can expect companies to tie up with them.

They may not be backed by big celebrity management per se (although some of them have been known to make that coveted upgrade), but the fact that their online presence is solidly established with a good number of followers makes them great endorsers. Of course, this kind of marketing and advertising approach has been used for a while now. But, this year, experts say this trend will make a turn for the better; it will now be more mature.

Automated Ad Buying

Again, technology has gotten much better and smarter. This time around, high-target marketing is going to be front and center. A simple search of a vacation getaway location, for example, will suddenly result to strategically placed ads on the page of the user the next time they login. Basically, therefore, a user’s online habits or activity, and not just their search entries, will target these automatic ads.

It’s a subtle but persuasive method that keeps the needs of the user at the forefront of their consciousness until they take action upon it. To optimize all of these trends, it’s going to be so much better and effective for you to seek the help of a professional ad agency.

These new tactics are highly dynamic and offer a lot of great potential for whoever implements them. However, they also require a carefully thought-out strategy that will be effectively implemented in the long term. If you want to make the most out of these opportunities, then seek the help of an ad agency you can trust.


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