Miami Digital Marketing Firm Gives Four Reasons Small Businesses Should Invest in SEO

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Miami Digital Marketing Firm Offers Small Businesses Reasons Why SEO is an Investment in their Enterprise.


As a Miami digital marketing firm, we’re aware that every small business owner wants to rank at the top of all the search engines.  However, when we mentioned the intricacies of SEO or search engine optimization, we received these responses:  


    I am doing it myself.”  

    “I’ve got a relative that’s great with computers.”  

    “My customers already know where to find me.”


Search engine optimization isn’t just only about keywords.  SEO takes into account content marketing, website functionality, and customer engagement.  Your website should engage visitors, offer content, and provide solid leads.  If you’re website isn’t generating customers, then it’s time to look at SEO.  We offer four reasons small businesses should invest in SEO to optimize their website.  


Your Competitors Are Investing in SEO

If you’re not gaining leads from your website, then your competition is.  SEO offers a solution to move up organically in search engines.  Recent statistics bear out the impact of where you’re listed on Google matters:


  • 32.5% of web traffic goes to the first listing on page 1.  
  • 95% of the web traffic doesn’t go past page 1.
  • The first four positions combine for almost 71% of the web traffic.


To quote Grant Cardone, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”  Your competition understands that SEO is a never-ending process.  You’re either moving up or falling down the rankings.  Invest in SEO and you’ll be able to beat your competition.  


Visitors Can’t Find Your Website

Many small business owners believe in the adage that if they build a website, then visitors will go to it.  Your content should be found on search engines and customers will locate it.  There’s no value when your content isn’t found by visitors.  Why build a website that nobody visits?  To solve the problem, focus on ranking for keywords in your industry.  Connecting your website to keywords makes people find your website.  As visitors find your website, you begin the process of converting visitors.  This leads to my next reason to invest in SEO, content!


Your Website Doesn’t Have Content

Do you have a blog on your website?  Do you use videos and photos on your website?  As a Miami digital marketing firm, content is king for websites.  If you don’t have a blog, photos, and videos, then you need to create content.  A blog allows you to offer information to customers about your industry.  Videos and photos allow you to show your products and services.  As you develop content, keep updating it regularly.  By creating content, you’ll have customer engagement and visitors which keep coming back to your website.  


Your Website is Slow

A recent study showed that the average person loses concentration after eight seconds.  If your website is slow, your bounce rate increases.  Make sure your pages and photos are optimized for a fast loading speed.  


As a Miami digital marketing firm, SEO is not a cost, but an investment in your business.  It gives you the opportunity to brand your business.  These tips will help you make an informed decision when you’re ready to conduct your SEO campaign.  




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