Miami Digital Marketing Agency Offers Three Benefits of A/B Testing

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Digital Marketing Agency Helps Businesses Make Digital Campaigns Effective With A/B Testing


With the launch of a new website or introduction of content in the marketplace, businesses want to offer solutions to customer problems.  How do businesses make sure that the launch of a new website or its content is effective?  A Miami digital marketing agency has the answer and it’s A/B testing.  It allows you to create and display two variations of your page and/or content to see which one attracts more interaction and conversions from your site visitors.  For example, are website visitors more likely to click on a button that says “Subscribe to Our Blog!” or “Download Free Ebook!”? We offer three benefits of A/B testing which will increase the effectiveness of your digital ad campaign.


Improves Content

When two versions are created of an article, landing page, or other web content, A/B testing allows you to measure which version draws more visitor interaction and engagement.  A/B presents the opportunity to rate every aspect of content you want to create.  As you review and generate variables, possible developments for improvement emerge.  With A/B testing, your content for the last version becomes relevant, engaging, and valuable.


Decreases Bounce Rate

You put a lot of time, thought, and creativity into your website and content.  However, visitors bounce from your site.  A/B testing helps to alleviate the problem of visitors bouncing from your site.  With A/B testing, you can adjust headlines, images, or other components of your website.  Once A/B testing recognizes the website’s faults, you’ll alleviate visitors from bouncing and keep them on your website longer.


Higher Conversion Rate

The goal of any campaign is to convert website visitors into customers.  Conversions determine the success of digital advertising campaigns.  A/B testing is a practical way to test content which determines if visitors become customers.  For instance, when two versions of a headline are created, it’s easier to decide which version worked.  You cut out guesses.  When done correctly, A/B testing increases conversion rates.  


As a Miami digital marketing agency, A/B testing is the answer to making your website and content engaging and valuable.  If you’re looking to cut out opinions and have facts to make informed decisions in your digital campaign, then A/B testing is the solution.    



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