Miami Advertising Agency Offers Three Tips to Help Small Businesses Create a Value Proposition

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Advertising Agency Helps Small Businesses Craft Their Value Statement


As a Miami advertising agency, we believe that small businesses should create a value proposition.  What’s a value proposition?  According to Investopedia, a value proposition is a business or marketing statement that a company uses to summarize why a consumer should buy a product or use a service.  Why is it important to have a value proposition?  The answer is that you want to differentiate your business from the competition.  Remember, customers have many options in the marketplace.  It’s important to ask:  “What makes your product or service unique in solving problems for a customer?”  If you don’t answer this question, then your business won’t last.  How do you create a value proposition which generates results?  We offer you three tips to help craft a value proposition which helps you rise above your competitors.  


Pinpoint Your Ideal Customer

Value propositions are crafted with a targeted customer in mind.  Which are your target customers?  How do they make decisions about products or services?  What keeps them returning to your business?  By engaging your customers, the content of your value proposition becomes beneficial to them.  In addition, customers appreciate that you sought their opinion and may reward you with their loyalty.   Always pinpoint your ideal customer when creating your value proposition and you’ll generate results.  


Focus on Your Company’s Strengths

What are your company’s strengths?  Which problems does your company solve for its customers?  What distinguishes you from your competition?  By knowing your company’s strengths and what makes you unique from the competition, you’re able to create the cornerstone of your value proposition.  A value proposition isn’t just a slogan for marketing materials.  It’s how your company conducts business.  


Keep It Simple and Short

As a Miami advertising agency, one of our mottos is:  “Keep it simple and short!”    Remember, you’re not writing a business plan or a dissertation!  A value proposition should be concise and compelling.  Eliminate industry-specific jargon and elaborate words!  Here is a sample value proposition:


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The sample value proposition isn’t hard to understand.  Companies increase their digital traffic and cut marketing costs.  When it comes to great writing, keeping it simple produces the best value proposition.


As a Miami advertising agency, we stress to small businesses that a creating a value proposition is important in growing your business.  We believe these tips will help small businesses create a precise and powerful value proposition.  With a precise and powerful value proposition, you’ll differentiate yourself from your competition, solve your customer’s problem, and increase revenue.  


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