Miami Advertising Agency Offers Four Tips to Make Your Copywriting Effective

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Miami Advertising Agency Helps Make Your Copywriting More Effective for Improved Ad Campaigns


As a Miami advertising agency, we use different strategies to make advertising campaigns effective.  However, one strategy which makes ad campaigns effective is great copywriting.  You ask:  “What is copywriting?”  Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering written or spoken words that get people to take some form of action.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or rookie in advertising, copywriting is the basis of advertising.  Without copywriting, ads wouldn’t move people to call for a free consultation or take advantage of a limited time offer.  We offer four tips to make your copywriting effective.  


Decide on Your Value Proposition

Deciding on your value proposition is critical to making your copywriting effective.  You ask:  “What is a value proposition?”  It’s a statement which explains what benefits you offer, who you target, and why you’re better than your competition.  We have three questions you must ask when you create your value proposition:


  • What makes my product or service different from my competitors?


  • How do my products or services solve customers’ problems?


  • How we will create urgency?


Create a value proposition and your copywriting will be more effective.  


Keep It Simple and Short

As a Miami advertising agency, we have a motto:  Keep It Simple and Short.   Copywriting isn’t about impressing consumers with high-sounding thoughts and elaborate words.   Copywriting comes down to getting your message across to customers.  When you don’t use simple words in your copy, readers will look for a dictionary.  Use simple words and condense your thoughts to make your copy effective.  


Use Active Voice and Eliminate Passive Voice

Copywriting is about engagement.  Passive voice diminishes your message.  Active voice increases engagement and strengthens your message.  Here are some examples which show the difference between active and passive voice:


  • Active:  The American League defeated the National League in the 2017 All-Star Game.
  • Passive:  The National League was defeated in the 2017 All-Star Game by the American League.


  • Active:  Make Sure It’s Done!
  • Passive:  Make Sure It Gets Done!


Use active voice to engage the reader and your copywriting becomes potent.  


Proofread and Edit Your Copy

Every copy must be proofread.  Read the text aloud.  Have another person read the text as well.  In addition, format the text to make your reader follow your ideas.  Proofreading and editing make your copy concise and eliminate grammar errors.  


As a Miami advertising agency, great copywriting is possible.  Using these tips will improve your copy.  Remember, great copywriting delivers your message and moves readers to take action.  


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