Miami Advertising Agency Gives You Three Tips to Market to Millennials

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Miami Advertising Agency Helps Businesses Make Their Marketing Connect to Millennials.


Did you know that Millennials have a spending power of more than $1 trillion?  As a Miami advertising agency, we believe marketing to millennials is crucial for businesses to generate leads and increase their brand’s visibility.  What encompasses a millennial?  They were born between 1982 and 2002.  In addition, technology plays a major role in the life of millennials.  What are the best ways to market to millennials?  We offer three tips to market to millennials.


Make Sure Your Website’s Mobile-Friendly or Responsive

One in five millennials relies exclusively on mobile devices to access the web.  Make sure your website’s mobile-friendly or responsive.  For your mobile website, you want to insert pictures which won’t slow your site’s speed.  Write your copy in a 16-point font, so readers don’t squint.  Effective marketing to millennials starts with a mobile-friendly website.  


Use Videos in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Did you know YouTube reaches more millennials than any cable network?  The preferred communication channel for millennials is video.  How much does video affect a millennial’s interaction with their favorite brands?  We offer three statistics about video’s impact:


  • More than three in four millennials followed companies on YouTube.
  • Millennials are 150 percent more likely to comparison shop with video while in-store than baby boomers.
  • Millennials are 264 percent more likely to share videos about a product, service or company while shopping online.


With video, your customers retain the message, view product demonstrations, and share your content with other users in their social network.



Create Customer Engagement on Social Media

As a Miami advertising agency, we believe customer engagement is an integral component of marketing.  With social media, businesses have the opportunity to get feedback from customers on their products and services and share your content.  Millennials spend more than six hours a week on social media.  How do you create customer engagement on social media?  We provide three tips:


  • Respond immediately to your customers
  • Share content which is informative and relevant
  • Don’t always focus on your products or services


As a Miami advertising agency, we believe implementing these tips improve your marketing to millennials.  


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