Miami Ad Agency Presents Three Tips to Write a Great Homepage for Your Website

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Miami Ad Agency Helps Write a Great Homepage.


A topic which doesn’t get a lot of attention in website design is how to write a great homepage.  Many people and business owners have come to believe a great design capture your consumer’s attention.  A website’s homepage is similar to the front lobby of a hotel.  Would you stay at a hotel which had a dirty front lobby with indifferent workers?  You would say no, and a poorly written homepage would do the same for a business owner.  Visitors would bounce!  At this Miami ad agency, we are aware that writing content is of the utmost importance when creating a great homepage.  We outline three tips that can help create a great homepage and keep your visitors searching for more.


Focus on the Consumer in the “About Us” Section

The “About Us” section on a homepage defines the identity of a business.  When you write content, it is important to ask yourself:  How would I tell my story if a visitor were in front of me?  The question is effective because it allows you to frame your story as a conversation.  Once you have the story, then it’s easier to write it down.  Furthermore, avoid using trite expressions, foreign words, and industry-specific jargon.  When writing content for the about us page, our Miami ad agency motto is “Keep It Simple and Short!”  By following these guidelines, the About Us page will keep visitors from bouncing off your website.


Keep Updating Your Material

For any website, it’s imperative to keep updating your material to keep up with your visitor’s demands.   If you create a blog, then you should have current content.  In terms of services, make sure you offer the ones mentioned on your homepage.  For a calendar of events, cut out past events from your calendar.  If your content isn’t current, visitors will perceive that your out of business.  Make sure all of your content reflects the present.  


Quality Photos and Videos With Captions

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, videos tell 10X more words than text.  Quality videos engage visitors.  Furthermore, visitors will demand information after a relevant video. Great photos give a visual of what your business does.  When picking photos, make sure they convey the image of the business and match the services you offer.  Finally, make sure to write captions that describe photos and videos, while being conversational in tone.  


With a great home page, visitors will navigate and delve into your offers.  As a Miami ad agency, we create home pages which tell your story, have fresh and current topics, and boast engaging media.  


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