Miami Ad Agency Gives You Three Tips for Creating An Effective Services Page for Your Website

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Ad Agency Helps Businesses Create an Effective Service Page for Their Website.


As a Miami ad agency, business owners seek us out because they want to increase revenue.  However, they struggle with a part of their website that is vital to their success:  their services pages.  Questions, such as “How do I write an effective services page?”  “How do I convey the features, advantages, and benefits of our services?” We have three tips for creating an effective services page for your website and help answer some of your questions.


Find Your Target Audience

Who is your ideal customer?  Which problems can you solve for them?  When you find out information about your customers, you’re able to target your services page to solve their problems.  Therefore, your writing is able to discuss your ideal customer’s issues.  When you know why customers use your services, then that can be conveyed to your target audience.


Convey the Benefits of Your Services

When customers go to your services page, they do not want a just a list of your services.  The benefits of a service are what the customers will be able to attain, do, or have by using your services.  When writing your services, do not skimp on the benefits.  When the benefits are clear, customers are able to know what they expect when using your services or products.  We have two questions you can ask yourself when writing the benefits of your services:

  • How does my service help the make things easier/faster/better/efficient for my customer?
  • How do the benefits of my services differ from my competitors?

When visitors of your services see the benefits, they will begin to think how your services will make their lives better.  


Create a Call-To-Action

With knowledge of your target audience and the benefits of your services, don’t forget to create a call-to-action.  The call-to-action is often neglected on the service page.  Direct the visitor to the action that you want!  Place a button that states “Call Us Now” or “Request a Quote!”   Do not neglect the call-to-action as this makes your services page effective.


As a Miami ad agency, these three tips can help solve the problems of creating and writing an effective services pages for your website.  By finding your target, conveying the benefits, and creating a call-to-action, your business will be on its way to engaging visitors and solving their problems.  


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