Miami Ad Agency Gives You Four Reasons Why Having a Website is Important for Small Businesses

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Miami Ad Agency Helps Small Business Create Websites.


In today’s society, the Internet is a dominant feature in our social landscape.  However, there is one area where it’s not dominant:  small business.  A statistic about small businesses and websites states that 46% of small businesses don’t have a website.  As a Miami ad agency, this statistic comes as a surprise.  However, we’re not startled.  Why don’t small businesses have a website?  Some businesses owners say:  “It’s expensive.”  “We don’t need one.”  “I’ve got enough customers.”  We have four reasons why having a website is important for a small business.


Increases Visibility

A recent statistic came out that 93% of business-to-business purchases started with an online search.  When you’re not online, it’s similar to a brick-and-mortar store that doesn’t have a sign.  You don’t exist.  With a website, you’ll increase your visibility and get in front of consumers search for products and services.  


Promotes Your Products or Services

You’re able to promote your products or services with a website.  With videos and images of your services and products, customers will process and remember information.  In addition, you can create tutorials about your products and services.  Your customers will have information to make informed decisions when making purchases.  


Your Competitors Have a Website

Your competitors have a website.  When you’ve got a website, you can compete for customers in any market.  According to a survey of small business owners with a website, 83% felt that had a competitive edge over those without one.  Create a website and you can get customers from your competitors.  


You’re Never Closed for Business

We know that a small business owner isn’t open at 2:00 A.M.  However, some customers might be searching for your products or services after business hours.  If you’re a cosmetic dentist, future patients can watch videos about dental implants or teeth whitening online and also at anytime.  A website brings many aspects of your business together in one medium.  You’re able to highlight customer service, increase brand awareness, and support other marketing efforts.  


As a Miami ad agency, we know that running a small business has its challenges.  By not having a website, you certainly have a challenge to conquer.  With these tips, we hope to help small business owners see the importance of having a website.  


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