Advertising Agency in Miami Shows the Importance of Reputation Management for Small Business Owners

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Advertising Agency in Miami Highlights How Reputation Management is Important for Small Businesses



For small business owners, managing your reputation is vital for the survival of your business.  With small business owners dependent on customer referrals to garner business, reputation management can help your presence grow.  Yet, you are saying:  “What is reputation management?”  As an advertising agency in Miami, we “keep it simple and short.”  Reputation management is the practice of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organization by influencing online information about that entity.  Reputation management is about handling bad reviews and making sure that people are praised for good reviews.  We give three ways that reputation management can help small business owners.


Increases Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is an important part of maintaining your customer base.  Statistics highlight why customers post bad reviews:


  • 23% of customers post negative reviews out of vengeance.


  • 70% of people who complain are hoping to receive a response.


  • 90% of customers write reviews to help others make better buying decisions.


Don’t get startled when customers post bad reviews!  As these statistics highlight, the majority of people writing bad customer reviews are hoping to receive a response.  It gives the business owner the opportunity to engage their customers and find areas of improvement.  As for good reviews, thank the customer immediately.  In addition, ask customers for referrals and promote other services.  By responding to good and bad reviews, customer engagement increases and customers will feel more connected to your business.


Review Sites Specific to Your Target Audience

The second part of reputation management is finding sites specific to your target audience.  If you’re a restaurant owner, then Yelp would work?  Are you a plumber?  Angie’s List would work great for you.  By finding your target audience and the sites they use, you’ll be able to gain reviews which will help your business online.


Validates Your Brand

When you have reviews on your website, you generate credibility for your brand.  In addition, reputation management helps you become a leader in your local market.  By responding to reviews and asking for feedback, you increase your brand’s validity.  When you have a great reputation, you can use your name to bring in more customers.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we solve problems like it’s nobody’s business.  We believe these three tips will make small business owners realize that reputation management can enhance their brand and interaction with customers.  


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