Advertising Agency in Miami Gives You Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Need to do A/B Testing on Their Websites

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Advertising Agency in Miami Gives Reasons Why Small Business Need to do AB Testing on Their Websites.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that A/B testing is a critical part of any digital campaign.  You ask:  “What do you mean by A/B testing?”  A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to decide which one performs better.  Most websites are created with the layout and function in mind.  Conversions aren’t a factor in a website’s creation.  Businesses often fail to realize that websites are based on their conversion rate.  The solution to the problem is A/B testing.  We offer three reasons why small businesses need to do A/B testing on their websites.  


Gather Data

How do you know where to optimize if you don’t gather data?  The data gathered during testing offers an understanding of where your web pages need to be optimized.  When starting A/B testing, test pages with high traffic.  Pages with a high bounce rate and low conversion rate can improve with A/B testing.  


Establish Goals

The goal of increasing conversions starts by measuring the original page against the test page.  Goals range from clicking on a certain button, subscribing to content, or providing your email address.  By setting goals, you can make the necessary changes to increase conversions.  


Develop Variations of Your Website

A/B testing allows you to try to different options to garner a visitor’s attention.  Do you wonder why the blue ‘Subscribe To My Blog’ button doesn’t work?  Try a green button and see if that works.  Without variations, A/B testing doesn’t work.  Experiment and retarget until your conversion rate increases.  


As an advertising agency in Miami, A/B testing is the tool which helps make websites effective.  We believe the information presented will make A/B testing a part of your next digital campaign.


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