Advertising Agency in Miami Gives You the Key Components Needed to Increase Conversion Rates

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Advertising Agency in Miami Gives the Keys Needed to Increase Conversion Rates.


In recent years, the word conversion rate has been a major buzzword circulating in digital advertising circles.  Yet, many people ask:  “What do you mean by a conversion rate?”  Well, a reliable advertising agency in Miami is ready end all the confusion and provide clarity.  A conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who take a desired action.  Now, that we have defined a conversion rate, an advertising agency in Miami has three key components a business’s website needs to increase its conversion rate.


Define the Action You Want

What action do you need from people on your website?  Examples of actions include downloading e-books, making purchases, or wanting information on the latest service.  If you do not define the action that you want, then you can’t meet the goals of converting visitors on your website. Once the coveted actions are defined, then it is easier to increase the conversion rate.


Ease of Using Your Website and Speed  

Is your website hard to navigate?  Is it hard to use?  It is critical that sites have fast-loading pages.  A one-second delay in website speed drops conversions by 7%.  In today’s fast-paced world, people do not have time to wait for pages to load.  They want the information or products, NOW!  Meanwhile, not every person is Internet-savvy, it is imperative to have a website that is easy to use.   A lot of times a business will neglect the usability of a website.  By making sure the site can be used by people with visual or hearing problems, then more people will have access to the information or services they need from your website.


Use More Calls-To-Action

If you are able to put calls-to-action on your website, you will be able to increase your conversion rate.  Calls-to-action can be put on different pages to optimize and increase conversion rates.  For example, a business can set up a sign up now button for the newsletter on one page, which gives information to website visitors.  On another page, you can create an offer for a service.  Calls-to-action are vital to have a visitor convert into a customer.  


Understanding these critical components will increase your conversion rate.  If you are a business owner and your conversion rate is not great, then contact an advertising agency in Miami that will get you the results you want.  



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