Advertising Agency in Miami Uncloaks Four Myths About Online Reputation Management

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Advertising Agency in Miami Helps Businesses Counter Negative Online Reviews.


With more people using the Internet as their source to find information about your business, managing your online reputation is important.  How important are reviews to consumers?  An advertising agency in Miami has statistics on how your online reputation affects consumer behavior:



Many businesses believe that online reputation is only about getting rid of bad reviews.  Online reputation encompasses customer engagement, brand visibility, and content marketing.  We uncloak four myths about online reputation management.


Myth #1:  Online Reputation Management Only Focuses on Eliminating Bad Reviews

Online reputation management isn’t about eliminating bad reviews.  With the Internet, bad online reviews are permanent.  Businesses should use online reputation management to engage consumers.  Online reputation management helps your business increase its brand visibility and generate leads.  An advertising agency in Miami offers ways to make online reputation management work for your business:


  • Sign up for all local listings:  When consumers search for your business, you want your listings to appear.  Make sure you insert all of your contact information.  In addition, put photos in all of your directories.  When people can see your physical location and employees, this helps build trust with your target consumer.  


  • Have a content marketing strategy:  Companies that have a content marketing strategy are able to improve their online reputation.  When you write a blog post or an online article, you’re able to present your expertise about topics in your industry.  You can produce videos to demonstrate elements of your brand.  With content, you engage customers and help them gain information they need to make buying decisions.


  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly:  More people access the Internet on a mobile device than a desktop computer.  Make sure that users can access the information they need quickly.  Mobile users view the Internet on a smaller screen and are more likely to be away from home when searching your company.  Create a mobile-friendly website for users to access your company’s Internet and information fast.  


When you have a marketing strategy for your online reputation, you’ll increase your brand visibility, improve customer engagement, and gain revenue.


Myth #2:  No Reviews Won’t Affect My Online Reputation

If you don’t have reviews, then it looks that you’re not in business.  Encourage your staff and yourself by making it a priority to gain feedback from customers.  As an advertising agency in Miami, we know that reviews help your business by improving customer service and making customers feel that their input is valued.  


Myth #3:  It’s Hard to Get Customers to Write Reviews

Many business owners believe that it’s hard for customers to write reviews.  When you interact with customers, emphasize that you want reviews and feedback about your products and services.  If you haven’t garnered reviews after mentioning it to customers, you could try an incentive program for reviews.  If a customer writes a review, they can receive a discount on their next purchase.  When you receive reviews, respond immediately and thank them for their feedback.  


Myth #4:  It’s Time Consuming to Manage Your Online Reputation

If business owners had to log on to every online directory listing and search engine to check their reviews, then they wouldn’t be able to service their customers.  Online reputation doesn’t have to be time-consuming.  With online reputation management software, such as Podium or Reputology, you’re able to receive all of your reviews at one time.  When it comes to managing your online reputation, it’s important to make sure that you service your customers, and provide consistent and informative content online.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that dispelling the myths of online reputation management will help businesses improve their company’s brand on the Internet.  It’s important to know that online reputation management is a never-ending process as it includes your business practices, customer service, and offering information content online.  




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