Advertising Agency in Miami Offers You Four Ways to Make Your Mobile Marketing Campaign Successful

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Advertising Agency in Miami Creates Mobile Marketing Campaigns That Increase Web Traffic and Conversions.


Did you know that more than 75% of Americans own a smartphone?   Did you know that 80% of mobile searches lead to a purchase?  Mobile marketing isn’t a concept for the future.  It’s today’s marketing.  If you’re not trying to reach people on mobile devices, then you’re going to lose business to your competitors.  How do you create customer engagement and increase conversions with mobile device users?  An advertising agency in Miami offers you four ways to make your mobile marketing campaign successful.


Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The first way to make your mobile marketing campaign successful is to make your website mobile-friendly.  When you’re customizing a mobile-friendly website, you have to remember that most people are processing information on a small screen.  How do you make sure that your mobile customer doesn’t leave your website?  You should format your website as a hamburger menu and put your content in columns.  If you have WordPress, you can install a theme that’s mobile-friendly or use the WPtouch mobile plugin.  With a mobile-friendly website, you’ll enhance your website user’s experience.


Optimize Your Searches for Micro-Moments

What are micro-moments?  According to Google, a micro-moment is when users turn to their mobile device for instant advice, help, or information.   With people searching for items in public places, taking time to research is becoming less common.  People on mobile devices are more likely to take action and expect answers promptly.  An advertising agency in Miami has statistics that point how consumers take action after a micro-moment search:


  • 10% of people purchased a product they saw in a micro-moment search.


  • Over 33% of travel bookings occur after a mobile search.


  • More than 50% of micro-moment searches lead to a purchase.  


Business owners need to tailor their queries toward micro-moment searches.  How do you increase your keyword phrases to target micro-moment searches?  You should use long-tail keywords and answers to questions that your customers have about your business.  By optimizing your searches for mobile-device users, you’ll be able to answer the questions promptly and improve your search rank.


Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly

An important part of a successful mobile marketing campaign is to make your content mobile-friendly.  Mobile device users process information differently than desktop consumers.  We offer a few tips to make your content mobile-friendly:


Write your content in a larger font:  Desktop readers read 12 or 14-point font words.  If you use this font on mobile device, readers will squint and leave your website.  Write your content in a 16-point font for paragraphs and a 24-point font for subheadings.  


Use lists and bullet points:  Readers on a mobile device don’t read each word of content.  To help readers process the main ideas, format them into a list or bullet points.


Write concise headlines:   Did you know that four out of five people read headlines?  The best way to make your headline stand out is to cut unnecessary words.  An advertising agency in Miami gives examples on how to write headlines for mobile-device readers:


Desktop headline:  5 Ways to Advertise with Little or No Budget


Mobile-device headline:  5 Ways to Advertise with No Money


Desktop headline:  6 Ways to Show Your Customers That You Appreciate Them


Mobile-device headline:  6 Ways to Show Your Customer Appreciation


By formatting your content for mobile-device users, customers will process your information faster and you’ll increase conversions.  


Use Text Message Marketing to Reach Consumers

Did you know that the open rate for a text message promotion is 98%?  Text message marketing is a great way to reach your consumers.  You can send information about your latest promotions via text message, reminders about appointments, and customers surveys for feedback.  


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that using these strategies will make your mobile marketing campaign successful.  With mobile marketing, you’ll reach your target customers, increase conversions, and increase your revenue.  


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