Advertising Agency in Miami Offers Four Tips for Overwhelmed Small Business Owners

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Advertising Agency in Miami Offers Strategies to Help Small Businesses Gain Control of Their Work.


According to Small Biz Trends, almost three in four small business owners are overwhelmed with their role and responsibilities.  As an advertising agency in Miami, we’re aware small business owners juggle many roles throughout the day.  They have to make payroll, train employees and promote their business.  When you’re overwhelmed as a small business owner, your job becomes stressful.  We offer four tips for small business owners to take control of their lives and companies.  


Schedule the Most Important Tasks First

As a small business owner, one of the best ways to overcome being overwhelmed is to schedule the most important tasks first.  When you schedule the most important tasks first, you cut out activities which take away your time.  Always focus your priorities on activities which produce revenue for your company.  When you complete the most important tasks first, you feel a sense of accomplishment.  


Find a Routine to Set Your Workday

Do you like to get your workday started immediately?  Do you prefer to read a newspaper before you start the workday?  According to Jeff Haden, it’s important to know which routine helps you perform your best work.   If you like to talk to others before you get your work started and you can’t, then you won’t produce an optimum performance.  Find a routine which works for you and stick to it to make you more productive.  


Have a Support Group

As an advertising agency in Miami, we see the toll and stress of running a small business.  For small business owners, it’s critical to have a support group.  You should have two or three people you can talk when you’re under stress or need a break.  The people in your support group should have empathy and understanding when you’re in a stressful situation with work.  Make a list of two or three people to call when stress or tough times take over to relieve the toll on your mind and body.  


Make Meetings Count

Did you know that more than 40% of small business owners spend at least one hour per day on meetings?  The only activity which takes away more time for small business owners is email.  How do you make meetings productive?  We offer three ways:


  • Set an agenda


  • Time your meeting


  • State your objectives at the beginning of the meeting


With more productive meetings, you can focus your attention on completing your tasks.


As an advertising agency in Miami, these strategies should help reduce the stress and being overwhelmed with running a small business.  


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