Advertising Agency in Miami Offers You Four Tips to Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

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Advertising Agency in Miami Helps Businesses Make Emails Mobile-Friendly


In today’s society, mobile-friendly emails are vital.  Consumers, business owners, and account managers are more likely to read an email on a mobile device instead of a desktop.  By next year, 80% of email users will likely access their email accounts exclusively from their mobile devices.  If you still send emails with a small font, pictures with a large file size, and long subject lines, then an advertising agency in Miami can help make your emails fit on a small screen.  We offer four tips to make your emails mobile-friendly to increase your open rate and get in front of potential customers.


Write Concise Subject Lines

Your subject line is similar to the headline of your blog article.  Why is the subject line important?   It’s the first impression of your email.  With mobile devices, you don’t have as much space to have a long subject line.  How do you make your subject line concise?  Start with the action you want your reader to take at the beginning.  Eliminate unnecessary words, industry-specific jargon, and long words.  An advertising agency in Miami gives you examples of concise subject lines:


  • “You’re Losing Rewards.”
  • “Are You Ready to Increase Your Income by 40%?”
  • “DO NOT Make These 5 Financial Mistakes!”


By writing a concise subject line, you’ll increase your chances at grabbing your reader’s attention and improve your open rate.


Use a Large Font Size

When people read their emails on a desktop computer, the average email has a 10-pixel font.  For a mobile device, readers won’t be able to read a 10-pixel font well.  When readers can’t read your email, they’re more likely to delete them.   How do you solve the problem?  For mobile-friendly emails, write them in a 14-pixel font.  By writing your emails in a larger font size, you reduce the chance of your user deleting messages and your open rate increases.  


Use Small Images Which Users Can Click

When users read an email on a desktop computer, they can receive large images because they have a large amount of data and memory.  On the other hand, mobile devices have limited data and memory.  For mobile-friendly emails, use small images.  Smaller images won’t affect download speed on a mobile device.  For small images, make sure they are 5 kb in file size.  In addition, make sure users can click on your image.  On mobile devices, it’s harder to click on link and images.  With small images which users can click, you’ll make your emails mobile friendly and increase open rate.  


Create a Call-to-Action

What do you want your user to do after viewing your email?  You want your user to convert into a customer.  Create a call-to-action that’s at least 40 pixels square.  You want your call to action to be easily seen by your user.  In addition, create a link under the pixel square for when senders block images.  By creating a call-to-action, you’ll engage users in your content and increase conversions.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we don’t want small businesses to miss out on reaching their users via email.  Email is a great advertising tool to promote products, send content, and engage customers.  With these tips, you’ll make your emails mobile-friendly and increase conversions.


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