Advertising Agency in Miami Offers Four Questions to Answer to Write an Effective Elevator Pitch

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Advertising Agency in Miami Helps Businesses Craft Their Elevator Pitch.


In today’s society, people don’t have time to receive a long explanation of what your business does and how it helps your customers.  A crafted elevator pitch is important because it highlights your business’s mission and how your customers benefit from your products and services.  What’s an elevator pitch?  According to Chron, an elevator pitch is a simple and concise speech that allows a business owner to present how they solve problems and service customers in the time it takes to ride an elevator.  How do you write an effective elevator pitch that connects to your target audience?  An advertising agency in Miami offers you four questions to help you write an effective elevator pitch that captures your company’s message and connects to your target audience.


What Problem Do You Solve?

The first step in writing an effective elevator pitch is to ask yourself the question:  “What problem do I solve for my customers?”  If you don’t identify problems that your business solves, then your company won’t gain customers.  Here are examples of problem statements which can be included in an elevator pitch:


  • “Getting to the first page of Google is a daunting and complex process.”
  • “Helping people improve their hearing from years of noise pollution and loss from listening to loud music.”
  • “Retaining information learned when studying a foreign language.”


When writing a problem statement, focus your attention on the your target customer.  In addition, write a bulleted list with points that highlight the problem your business solves.  By knowing the problem you solve your customers, it’s easier to craft an elevator pitch that connects to your target audience.


What’s Your Solution?

According to Noah Parsons, many business owners focus on marketing their product or service without identifying a problem.  If you don’t have a problem, then you don’t have a solution.  For example, a cosmetic dentist can’t just market “dental implants” and “cosmetic dentistry” without an understanding of how a chipped tooth or missing teeth affect a patient’s quality of life.  Once you know the problem, you must have a solution.  Let’s use an example from our problems section:


  • “Getting to the first page of Google is a daunting and complex process.”


For example, an advertising agency in Miami mentions that they create a content marketing strategy which includes written blog posts or articles, videos, and social media that focuses on your chosen keywords.  The solution is precise and doesn’t overwhelm people with a long explanation.


Who’s My Target Customer?

For any advertising campaign to work, you must know your target customer.  Let’s go back to an example of a language school that wants to gain new students.  The language school identified that a major problem with foreign language classes is that students fail to retain the information.  Now, the school will focus on identifying niches of students that take language courses.  An advertising agency in Miami gives you the niches:


  • A student that took a course in school.
  • International-relation workers that need a course to improve their communication skills with respective clients.
  • Students that study languages for personal enrichment.  


With our niches, the language school has its target customers.  Their elevator pitch can focus on students and international-relation workers that want to retain information in foreign language courses to advance in life and their careers.  An effective elevator pitch pinpoints the target customer.


How am I Different From my Competition?

In business, imitation isn’t the highest form of flattery.  You have to distinguish your business from your competitors.  Do you offer the lowest price?  Do you fulfill orders faster than anybody else?  Do humans answer the phone instead of a machine?  It’s important to know what differentiates you from your competitors to make your elevator pitch effective.  By being able to distinguish your business from the competition, you can increase your market share.


As an advertising agency in Miami, your copy must connect to your target audience.  By asking questions, you’ll be able to have a dialogue and craft an elevator pitch that conveys your message, mission, and how you help your customers.  




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