Advertising Agency in Miami Offers You Five Tips to Improve Your Website

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Advertising Agency in Miami Creates Websites That Reach Mobile Users with Fast Speed.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that a website is the centerpiece of any business’s digital advertising campaign.  With a website, small businesses are able to reach consumers every second of the day with content and answers to their search queries.  However, with more people accessing websites on mobile devices than desktops and improvements in website design, having an easy-to-navigate website with continuous content is extremely important.  Web visitors are frustrated with websites that have slow speeds, no content, and unresponsive design.  How do you make your website user-friendly for consumers and increase your digital traffic?  We offer five tips to improve your website.


Increase Your Page Speed

When websites take a long to load, users become dissatisfied and leave your page.  With more people accessing the web on mobile devices, users expect their page to upload fast.  According to Neil Patel, a fast desktop website downloads in two seconds and a mobile website in one second.  Did you know that a two-second delay in your website’s speed increases your abandonment rate by almost 90%?  How can you figure out your website’s speed?  As an advertising agency in Miami, we recommend these three tools:


With these tools, you’re able to check your speed and make the improvements necessary to increase your website’s speed.  With a fast website, you’ll decrease your abandonment rate and improve your user’s experience.


Use Bullets

When you have to present your lists of benefits and features of products or services, format your list in bullets.  With bullets, website visitors are able to go to the information they need faster.  A bullet list does three things:


  • Breaks up large bodies of text.
  • Makes your proposition more appealing to consumers.
  • Makes your points clear and concise.


With a bulleted list, you help web users understand your offer and gain the main points of your copy.  


Use Images

Did you know that web pages with photos receive 94% more views than those that don’t have images?  If you want to improve your website, then having photos is of the utmost importance.  The average person processes photos 60,000 times faster than text.  When it comes to images, stay away from stock photography photos.  Take pictures of your business using a high-quality camera.  In addition, make sure to write a brief description of your photos.  With photos, you’ll keep readers on your website, help them retain your message, and complement your website copy.  


Insert Appealing Calls to Action

As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that having an appealing call to action is important in improving your website.  Your website users need to be directed to take action.  Your call-to-action directs readers to take the action that you want.  How do you make your call-to-action appealing to convert website users to customers?  We offer three ways to make your call-to-action appealing:


  • Use words such as “try,” “get,” or “download”:  These are action words, and they create urgency in your offer.  Insert action words in your call-to-action.
  • Use contrasting colors for your call-to-action:  The color for your call-to-action should contrast your website.  If you have a navy blue background, then use orange.  It helps bring out your call-to-action for a higher conversion rate.  
  • Make sure your text and button are large enough for readers to see:  You don’t want to overwhelm your reader, but you want them to see your offer.  Use a 16-point font for your call-to-action.  


With an effective call-to-action, you’ll improve your website, and increase conversions.


Make Your Website Responsive

Another way to improve your website is to make it responsive or mobile-friendly.   According to Dave Sloan, only 30% of small businesses have a mobile-friendly or responsive website. Google penalizes a business that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly or responsive website.  If you don’t know whether your website is responsive or not, then this website link will help.  With a mobile-friendly or responsive website, you’ll improve your website’s navigation, gain web users, and increase conversions.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that implementing these strategies will improve your website.  With an improved website, your users stay on your site longer, and conversions increase.  


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