Advertising Agency in Miami Offers Five Tips to Improve Customer Service

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Advertising Agency in Miami Helps Businesses Retain Consumers With Customer Service Strategies.  


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe every person must provide excellent customer service for businesses to compete today’s marketplace.  What happens to companies which fail to service customers well?  We have statistics which show how bad customer service affects businesses:



For businesses, it’s easier to retain consumers with excellent customer service.  Did you know a loyal customer spends 67% more money than a new consumer?  We offer five tips to improve customer service.


Never Answer a Customer With the Words “I Don’t Know”

When you tell a customer the words “I don’t know,” they believe you don’t want to help them.  It negates your ability to provide superior customer service.  What’s the best way to offer customer service when you don’t have an answer for your customer?  Here’s the best answer:


Sir or Ma’am, I want to give you the best answer to your question.  I’m going to search for the best answer to your question.  I’ll contact you once I have it.”  


With this statement, you won’t offer a wrong answer, and you start the work of solving the customer’s problem.  Make sure to contact the person after you find the answer.  Always contact your customer by telephone, email, and text.  When you give correct answers to customers, your customer believes that you provide excellent customer service.


Gain Knowledge of Your Products or Services

One of the best ways to provide superior customer service is gain knowledge of your products. It’s important to learn everything about your products.  Knowing the details of your products  give you confidence in providing superior customer service.  When customers have questions, you’re able to answer their concerns with confidence.  


Answer the Telephone With Enthusiasm

Did you know more than 90% of customer interactions occur via telephone?  If you don’t answer your telephone, then you’re not serving your customers.  How do you convey excellent customer service via telephone?  We offer three tips to improve your telephone interactions:


  • Smile:  Your customer can sense if you’re smiling or not via the telephone.  Start every phone call with a smile.
  • Be Attentive:  When a customer calls you, focus your attention on their problems.  Eliminate distractions and find a solution.
  • Convey Enthusiasm:  Answer each telephone call with enthusiasm.  


Develop a Tenacious Work Ethic

As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe providing excellent customer service requires a tenacious work ethic.  In today’s marketplace, average customer service ensures you won’t retain your consumer base.  You must develop a tenacious work ethic.  What entails a tenacious work ethic?  You must believe every customer interaction determines the difference between retaining or losing a consumer.  In addition, you want to be of service, solve problems, answer every call with enthusiasm, and offer the correct solution to each problem.  When you develop a tenacious work ethic, you won’t accept anything less than superior customer service.


Ask for Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help your business gain feedback from consumers.  When you complete your interactions with customers, asks for reviews.  When you receive feedback, make sure to thank your customers.  Furthermore, review feedback to make necessary improvements.  Customer reviews offer the opportunity to improve your customer service process.


As an advertising agency in Miami, these strategies help your business provide excellent customer service.  When you provide excellent customer service, you distinguish your company from your competitors, build your brand, and increase revenue.  



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