Advertising Agency in Miami Gives You Six Tips to Write a Great Customer Success Story

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Advertising Agency in Miami Creates Customer Success Stories That Improve Your Online Reputation and Generate New Business.


Are you struggling to write copy that converts web visitors?  Do you want to improve your online reputation?  How do you increase your brand’s visibility?  If these questions have you struggling to find answers, then an advertising agency in Miami has the solution.   It’s not going to come from your marketing department.  The solution is to get customers to write a success story.  Did you know that almost 90% of businesses thought that a customer’s success story was the most effective form of content?   The testimonial can be about how your products or services solved their problems, improved their life, or how they were treated well by your team.  How do you get your customers to write effective success stories that help generate new business?  We offer six tips to help your customers write a great success story that resonates with your target audience.


Ask Questions that Gather Background Information

When it comes to writing a great customer success story, it starts with gathering background information about your customer.  How do you gather background information to make your customer success story stand out?  An advertising agency in Miami recommends asking these questions to help form the narrative of your customer success story:  


  • How did you find our business?
  • What made you take the first step to use our business’s products or services?
  • What made you confident that our product or service was the solution to your problem?
  • Which aspect of our business stood out for you?


By asking questions, your customer provides the background information to make their success story compelling to viewers.


Avoid Long Words or Jargon

Customer success stories aren’t white papers.  To make your customer success story effective, avoid using long words or jargon.  You don’t want people to search a dictionary while reading your customer’s narrative.  Write in a conversational way and use short sentences.  By writing shorts sentences, using simple words, and avoiding jargon, your customer’s narrative will be more relatable to people reading your testimonial.  


Use Numbers and Statistics

How do you make readers of your customer success story more confident in your testimonial?  The best way to help readers feel confident that your products and services will solve their problems is through statistics.  An advertising agency in Miami provides three ways statistics help make your customer success story powerful:


  • Back up assertions made by customers.
  • Point out relationships and reveal links between two variables.
  • Provide readers with an easy way to understand your message.


By using statistics, your customer success story will have more validity and help readers feel more confident about using your products or services in the future.


Edit for Grammar and Spelling

You don’t want misspelled words and poor grammar to make your customer success story ineffective.  Edit your story for misspelled words, grammar, and check for punctuation.  


Format Your Story to Make It Readable

One of the most overlooked aspects of writing copy is making your testimonial readable on mobile devices.  How do your format your story to make it readable?  You can format your story by using subheadings, bullet points, and statistics.  Make sure your subheadings are bold and larger in font than your text.  Use bullet points for lists which allow you to break up large text and readers can process the main ideas.  Highlight statistics which assert your main points.  By formatting the customer success story for mobile users, readers will remember the key points you want to convey.  


Insert Visual Content

Did you know that using a real person in a customer success story instead of a stock image improved conversions by almost 35%?  Avoid using stock images.  A customer success story with a photo of the person creates trust and authority for your testimonial.  


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that these strategies can help you write a great customer success story. Customer success stories help you improve your online reputation, increase brand visibility, and generate new business.  




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