Advertising Agency in Miami Gives You Four Ways You Can Improve Your Online Reputation

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Advertising Agency in Miami Helps Businesses Build Their Online Reputation


A business’s online reputation can help expand brand visibility, gain new customers, and increase sales.  Yet, many business owners aren’t focusing on their online reputation because they don’t have the best data about what reputation management entails.  We have statistics about reputation management that highlight how it affects consumer decisions and businesses:


  • According to a study by the World Economic Forum, more than 25% of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation.
  • Consumers are almost six times more likely to trust peer recommendations instead of advertising.
  • Four out of five people state that they’ve received advice via social media about what product or service to buy.


Many business owners believe that their online reputation is based on handling negative reviews or eliminating them from their profile.  As an advertising agency in Miami, we’re aware that your online reputation is more than just responding to a negative review.  We offer four ways you can improve your online reputation.


Start By Evaluating Where You Are Online

When it comes to starting an online reputation campaign, you should begin by evaluating your current situation online.  You should start by looking at all the local online directories.  How does your business appear on Google Business, Bing, Yelp, and Yahoo?  Are your physical address and phone number up-to-date?  What are your operating hours?  Do you have pictures on your listings?  If you don’t appear on the local directories, claim your listings.  You should update all contact information, operating hours, website link, and insert current pictures of your business.  Once you’ve claimed all your listings on local directories, you can focus your attention on social media.  


As stated earlier, 80 percent of consumers receive advice via social media about which product or service to buy.  Do you have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles?  If you aren’t on social media, then you should begin to create profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.  When creating social media accounts, use images that denote your business and don’t use pictures of your latest pool party.  In addition, edit all of your social media for grammar and spelling.  With social media, you want to set a regular posting schedule.  You don’t want to have time between posts as this affects your online reputation.  If you do have social media accounts, update all your pictures and look for any negative comments, words, or stories that could affect your online reputation.  In addition, respond to positive comments with a thank you and encourage reviews from your followers.  By claiming your local online listings and creating social media accounts, you’ve implemented the first steps in improving your online reputation.


Fulfill Promises to Your Customers

When customers call your business, do you answer the phone or is it a long-recorded message?  Is your website speed slow?  Do you ship your products on time?  We believe that one way to damage your online reputation is by failing to service your customers.  When your website speed is slow, then you want to find the problems to improve speed.  If you don’t answer the phone when customers call, then they’ll go to your competitor to get an answer to their problem.  When you don’t ship your products on time, you’ll receive a bad review and lose future customers.  If you want a great online reputation, then focus on answering phone calls with enthusiasm, listen to your customer’s complaint, and fulfill your promises about your products and services.


Optimize Your Website to be Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that more than half of all people access the Internet via a mobile device?  If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then your online reputation won’t improve.  How do you optimize your website to make it mobile-friendly?  You should increase the font size of your text to a 16-point font.  In addition, you should insert clickable photos.  When writing text, break the text with bold subheadings to direct readers and eliminate the need to cram information. Remember, mobile users see content on a smaller screen and they’re often in a hurry.  Finally, make sure that users can click on your phone number.  You don’t want someone on a mobile device to not be able to call you and bounce from your website.  With a mobile-friendly website, you’ll improve your online reputation.  


Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

When they’re asked by businesses to give reviews, 70 percent of customers comply with the request.  When a customer receives great service, encourage them to write a review.  For businesses, they should respond to positive reviews by thanking the customer.  If you receive a negative review, you should respond immediately and make sure that the complaint is handled.  Once the complaint is handled, encourage the customer to write a positive review showing that the negative experience was resolved.  By encouraging customers to write reviews, you’ll improve your online reputation and increase your brand visibility.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we know that managing your reputation is vital to success in today’s competitive marketplace.  These tips will improve your online reputation and increase your revenue.


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