Advertising Agency in Miami Gives You Four Strategies to Help Make Video Marketing Effective

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Advertising Agency in Miami Increases Brand Visibility With Video Marketing.


What are you able to do in two minutes?  You can process some items in your email’s inbox, meditate, or create a video which helps grow your business.  Creating a two-minute video helps increase your brand’s visibility, demonstrate your products or services, and gain customers.  How do you create videos which engage your target audience and convert consumers into customers?  As an advertising agency in Miami, we offer four strategies to help your video marketing effective.  


Create a Publishing Calendar

For an effective video marketing campaign, you want to create a publishing calendar.  By creating a publishing calendar, you’re able to develop scripts for your videos.  In addition, you want to edit your script for spelling and grammar errors.  For video production, you want to have a camera phone with a high resolution and data to transfer your videos.  Before your video, practice your script out loud.  You don’t want your video to have errors in your final production.  With a publishing calendar, you reduce time in the pre-production process and create effective videos.


Focus on Content Which Resonates With Consumers

As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe content must be relevant and engaging to convert consumers into customers.  How do you make your content relevant and engaging to consumers?  We offer three ways your content can resonate with consumers:


  • Research topics on the web:  Conduct research and look for the top keyword searches and questions within your industry.


  • View videos related to the content you want to produce:  Successful content marketers incorporate ideas from others.  Watch videos to see what works well.


  • Create user-generated content:  Customers are the best ambassadors to build your brand and discuss how effective your products or services are for them.  Create user-generated content to increase customer engagement.


Insert a Call-to-Action

According to Matt Bryon, one of the biggest mistakes in video marketing is leaving out the call-to-action.  You don’t want to produce a relevant and engaging video and not have consumers take action.  For an effective video, you want consumers to take the next step to become customers.  Do you want them to visit your website or call your business?  Are you interested in commenting and sharing the video on social media?  By inserting a call-to-action, you increase conversions and gain more revenue.  


Publish Your Video on Multiple Platforms

Did you know that 85% of videos published on Facebook are watched without sound?  When you publish your video, don’t neglect to publish it on social media.  For example, more than 80% of Twitter users watch video content.  Make sure to publish your video on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to increase viewer engagement.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that implementing these strategies will make your video marketing campaign effective.  With an effective video marketing campaign, you increase conversions, generate leads, and increase your brand visibility.   


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