Advertising Agency in Miami Gives You Four Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t on Google

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Advertising Agency in Miami Creates SEO Campaigns Which Help Businesses Reach Consumers Searching for Their Products or Services.


As an advertising agency in Miami, we know that more consumers are searching for information, products, and services on Google.  According to research by Merkle/RKG, Google accounts for 83% of the search engine traffic in the US.  In addition, the first three listings on Google’s first page garner over 60% of the clicks.  It’s important for businesses to have an SEO marketing strategy.  An effective SEO strategy combines keyword research, pinpointing your target consumers, and having an easy-to-use website.  Does your website appear on Google’s listings?  Where do you find your business when searching for your company’s keyword phrase?  We give you four reasons that your business isn’t on Google.  


You’re Not Optimizing Your Website for Google’s Crawlers

When it comes to search engine optimization, it starts with optimizing your website for Google’s crawlers.  What’s a Google crawler?  It’s a general term for a program which automatically discovers and scans websites by following links from one webpage to another.  When you don’t write your keyword phrase on your webpages, Google’s crawlers won’t index your pages.  Without indexed pages, your business won’t be found by consumers.  An advertising agency in Miami gives you the four areas where you want to improve your descriptions and insert your keyword phrase:


  1. Title tags:   They tell search engines and visitors what any given page on your site is about in the most succinct and precise way possible.  
  2. Meta Description:  The purpose of a meta description is to explain the content of your webpage to a web searcher.
  3. Web address:  Your web address should be specific for each page.
  4. Alt text:  Google can’t describe images.  The alt text describes the images in words.  


When you write quality title tags, meta descriptions, and alt texts, your business appears on Google searches and consumers find your company.  


You Haven’t Listed Your Business on Google Maps and Google My Business

Many businesses forget to list their business on Google.  Businesses should claim their listing on Google Maps and Google My Business.  For directories, you should put your company’s hours, product information, business location, and website address.  In addition, insert photos of your physical location and your business.  By listing your business on Google Maps and Google My Business, you’ll be visible to people searching for your business online.  


Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly or Responsive

Did you know that 60% of web searches occur on a mobile device?  If your website isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive, then your business won’t be listed in Google.  Google emphasizes websites that are mobile-friendly and easy to use.  They understand that web searchers want to access information easily and effortlessly.  When your website is hard to navigate or takes a long time to load, then your Google listing is hindered.  Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly or responsive to help your Google ranking.


You Lack Content

When it comes to SEO, content is king.  If you don’t have a content marketing strategy, then your business listing won’t be seen on Google.  When it comes to content marketing, you have to create original content on a consistent basis.  In addition, you want to have engagement and receive feedback from readers and viewers of your content.  When you produce relevant and informative content that engages web users, your business listing appears on Google.  


As an advertising agency in Miami, we believe that solving these problems with your SEO campaign will help list your business on Google.  


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