Advertising Agency in Miami Gives You Four Elements of an Effective Website

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An Advertising Agency in Miami Creates Websites That Are Visually Appealing and Have Informative Content to Keep a Visitor’s Attention.


In today’s marketplace, having an effective website is essential for your small business to reach your customers, present information, and gain credibility.  Yet, many small businesses fail to offer an effective website that keeps visitors from leaving their site.  Statistics highlight some of the problems small businesses have with their website:


  • Nearly 25% of small business websites aren’t mobile-ready.
  • Small businesses owners cited search engine optimization as what they wanted to improve the most about their website.
  • Over 90% of small business owners with websites need to improve their websites.


Small business owners realize that they need to improve their websites to compete in today’s marketplace.  What are some of the elements that can help make small business websites effective?  An advertising agency in Miami offers you four elements that make an effective web site.  


Start With a Visually Appealing Design

Did you know that it takes 50 milliseconds for a website visitor to form a first impression of your website’s visual appeal?  How do you make a strong first impression which keeps visitors on your website?  You should focus on making a website that’s visually appealing.  Start by producing high-quality photos taken by a professional photographer instead of stock images.  Use colors and font that match your company’s logo.  With your font, make sure that it’s large enough for your visitors to read.  You don’t want readers to strain their eyes.  In addition, don’t try to cram a lot of information on all of your pages.  It’s important to leave space, so that website visitors process all of your information.  With professional photos, captivating colors, and readable text, you’re on your way to creating a visually appealing website that grabs your visitor’s attention.  


Create and Update Content

Once you’ve completed the design and layout of your website, you have to create content.  Content includes writing a blog, updating photos, and producing videos.  According to Think Creative, small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that don’t blog.  When it comes to creating a blog, begin by setting an editorial calendar.  In addition, you should brainstorm topics with staff, conduct Internet research on trending topics within your industry, and ask your customers about problems they want to solve.  Make sure to edit all of your blog articles for grammar and spelling.  Use photos within your blogs and other website pages.  Insert pictures that convey the message of your text and actions you want visitors to take to convert into customers.  Another way to make your website effective is to produce a video.  Did you know that a website with a video is 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google than a website that doesn’t have a video?  If you don’t have a lot of financial resources and production team, Periscope is an effective technology to make videos.  As an advertising agency in Miami, we recommend to plan your video and edit your script to make it effective.  


Have a Clear Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is an image or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads, and customers to take action.  What do you want your website visitors to do after they’ve been to your website?  Do you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, download an ebook, or give their email address to receive the latest discounts on your products or services?  When creating a call-to-action, use large font, colors, and action words.  For example, you can a create a green “subscribe to our newsletter now” with a large font, if you want your website visitors to receive your newsletter.  With a call-to-action, stick to one key message, make sure it’s visible, and use action verbs to make it effective.  


Make Sure You Have All of Your Contact Information

As an advertising agency in Miami, we stress to small businesses that all of your contact information should be placed in every advertisement.  Create a contact page that has all of your contact information.  You can place your physical address, phone number, fax number, email addresses, and homepage link at the center bottom of each page.   You don’t want an interested visitor not to convert because you failed to have your contact information.  


For small businesses, an effective website keeps visitors on your page, offers informative content, and explains all the benefits and features of your products or services.  An advertising agency in Miami believes that implementing these strategies will help improve your website and generate revenue.    


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