Why Advertising Agencies in Miami Are Embracing Programmatic Ad Buying

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The process of buying ads and managing paid campaigns like what’s done with AdWords can be challenging for even the best advertising agencies in Miami. In addition to creating ads, the process often involves carefully tracking results and knowing when to pull campaigns that aren’t performing as expected. If you haven’t yet considered programmatic ad buying, the use of automation to buy, place, and optimize ads online, here’s why it can be a smart investment.

More Consumer-Specific Data

You’ll have more targeting capabilities with programmatic buying because of access to very specific consumer data. Ads can be placed based on different customer behaviors such as buying frequency and narrowed down to geographic areas you wish to target. The algorithms look at several different data points to determine the appropriate bidding price by analyzing whether or not traffic will likely convert with predictive modeling. You’ll also be able to better leverage your internal (company generated) and external (third party) data.

Advertising Agencies in Miami Now Implement Programmatic Ad Buying

Less Risk with Ad Placement

Paid advertising will do your brand more harm than good if your ad content is placed on questionable or poor quality websites. Programmatic ad buying allows you to know exactly where your ads will be placed before you launch campaigns. Knowing this ahead of time can help you:

• Avoid ad placement on sites with content that’s contrary to your brand’s reputation or image

• Make sure the content around your ad is actually relevant enough to encourage clicks and conversions

• Check the stats of the sites where your ads will be placed

More Time to Focus on Other Engagement Needs

The demands of managing paid campaigns can quickly become time consuming. With programmatic ad buying, you can set up guidelines to automatically stop campaigns that aren’t performing or continue with campaigns that are meeting or exceeding goals. By automating some the tasks involved with managing paid campaigns, you’ll have more time to:

• Focus on your other marketing/advertising efforts

• Pay attention to your customers and other business obligations

• Produce relevant content for your other online platforms

It’s estimated that anywhere from 60 to 70 percent of all online ad buys are now done programmatically and it could be 90 percent within a decade. While automation is used for placement and tracking, there are many other steps involved with online advertising and marketing. It’s these additional steps that advertising agencies in Miami can help you with as you plan you plan your paid campaigns and fine-tune your online engagement strategy.


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