4 Ways to Get a Better ROI from Online Advertising Efforts with Help from Miami Advertising Agencies

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The majority of shoppers today make more than half of their purchases online. More than 80 percent of consumers search online when making a purchase decision. Statistics like this illustrate the importance of investing in online advertising. If your goal is to reach out to customers online, you’re likely to want to maximize your ROI as much as possible, especially if you want to stay within your available budget. Here’s what you can do to reach this goal.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Before you decide where to place your efforts with your online advertising, you need to positively know who you are targeting. Dive into your customer demographics to look at things like age, sex, geographic location, and preferred purchases based on past buying behaviors.

2. Embrace SEO

Attracting attention online with your ads is going to involve some type of search engine optimization. Keywords, content, and links should be targeted toward local searchers since Google assumes local intent with its results. Paid ads will show up on results pages above organic results, although organic results can still serve you well thanks to things like Google’s local three pack map listings. Attention should also be paid to how your ad content will be viewed on mobile devices.


How Advertising Agencies Can Help You Get Better ROI from Online Ads

3. Produce Fresh, Relevant Content

Whether you’re running an email campaign or reaching out to customers via social media, the content you produce needs to be fresh and relevant. With paid ads, Google will make every effort to place ads in front of the right eyes. But with things like email ad campaigns, the content has to be compelling to the recipient or it’s not even going to be viewed. Finding the appropriate mix of text, image, and video content can also boost the success rates of campaigns.

4. Track Results

All online advertising efforts can be easily tracked. The performance of AdWords campaigns, in particular, can be tracked by keywords, click-through rates, what’s spent on each campaign, and traffic generated by each ad. Email ad campaigns can be tracked right down to which ones are actually read. Real-time stats combined with the reports available from Google Analytics can help you determine which ads need some adjustments, which ones to pull out, and which ones are driving the most conversions.

Online advertising can be cost-effective when the right audience is targeted in the right way. Fortunately, most advertising agencies are aware of the concern clients have, especially small business owners, about sticking to a budget. Partnering with an agency with the experience and resources necessary to monitor results and make proactive decisions can further boost your ROI.


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